24 Best Cigar Blogs That Cigar Lovers Should Follow

24 Best Cigar Blogs That Cigar Lovers Should Follow


One might be surprised to find out that there are thousands of blogs writing about cigars! To save you the trouble to go through all of them, in this article, we have narrowed down the list to the 24 best cigar blogs.

If you are a cigar enthusiast or you know someone who loves cigars, then you’re in the right place! We will lead you to the best blogs that provide unique information, honest reviews about cigars, and websites that can point you to the right place to purchase the cigars you want. Without further ado, here are the 24 best cigar blogs in 2021!

1. Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Aficionado website screenshot

The Cigar Aficionado should be one of your go-to websites when it comes to straightforward information not just about various cigars out there, but about absolutely anything that has to do with cigars. From news, events, to top cigars, you’ll find everything here. Their content is not only for long-time cigar legends but it is helpful for aspiring cigar enthusiasts and newbies!

2. Robb Report

Robb Report website screenshot

If you want refreshing content on the global luxury market, then Robb Report is the site to check out. Though it covers a wide variety of topics (watches, yachts, cars, etc...) you won’t go wrong with the cigar section, especially if you’re after the best of the best. If you are looking for luxury, quality, and exclusivity this is where you’ll find it.

3. Cigar Advisor

Cigar Advisor website screenshot

Newbie friendly and - at the same time - a go-to website for enthusiasts? That would probably be Cigar Advisor . First off, the website is full of useful information but it never gets overwhelming or intimidating. It’s also a website that should be visited regularly given that it offers fresh reviews weekly, not to mention that thousands of cigars have already been reviewed here! Basic information about cigars, buying guides, cigar lifestyle, makers, news, and reviews are all covered in this website that almost feels like a one-stop-shop, to be honest.

4. Halfwheel

Halfwheel website screenshot

First-hand, solid experience in an engaging way, that is what sets Halfwheel apart. Their content does not only show passion, but also commitment and professionalism. Halfwheel stated back in 2014 that their goal was to be the place that people in the cigar industry turn to daily. Even after so many years, we believe, they stay true to that original statement! If you want to have a unique experience when it comes to the world of cigars, you better check out Halfwheel and see the difference!

5. Smoking Pipes

Smoking Pipes website screenshot

Creative and insightful are the two words that would best describe what is truly captivating about the Smoking Pipes website. They don’t only offer the products but they provide content that will make you understand cigars from all over the world, making your choice easier.

6. JR Cigar Blog and Videos

JR Cigar Blog and Videos website screenshot

Brands, reviews, events, and where to get good cigars are all discussed here. You’re not much of a reader? No problem. The site also produces great videos with plenty of insight. I wouldn’t want to miss out on JR Cigar Blog and Videos if I were you!

7. Cigar Journal

Cigar Journal website screenshot

Sometimes, information about certain topics like cigars can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be if you’re in the right place. At Cigar Journal everything that has to do with cigars is served to you on a silver platter. First of all, trendy topics, news, and regularly updated events. Second, the reviews are clear as day and concise. Overall, what makes this website even more awesome is the refreshing vibe it gives to the readers--both newcomers and long-time enthusiasts. We are sure you’ll get the information you are looking for if you’re on the Cigar Journal website!

8. Cigar World

Cigar World website screenshot

Cigar World has a unique tone and style compared to other cigar websites. For starters, they feature curated content from various websites. You can also find videos and even podcast episodes that are engaging and full of information. If you are looking for a website that will give you trendy and easily available information on cigars, check out Cigar World!

9. Cigar Coop

Cigar Coop website screenshot

Up-to-date information and news from all around the cigar world are all found here at Cigar Coop . Our personal favorite is their reviews section with solid information about a specific cigar followed by a personal take on it towards the end. These reviews definitely have a personal touch. This is one of the websites you want to keep visiting if you want to broaden your knowledge of cigars!

10. Cigar Dojo

Cigar Dojo website screenshot

Trendy, outspoken, and full of useful information. That’s what Cigar Dojo is all about. Of course, you’d see news about cigars, articles that focus on lifestyle topics, several featured products, and events. Most important though are the in-depth reviews about maybe every cigar on the planet! It’s also worth noting that these reviews are written based on personal experience. If there’s a list of websites you don’t want to miss out on, Cigar Dojo should be included there.

11. Holts Clubhouse

Holts Clubhouse website screenshot

We love a website that provides all the information that is helpful for newbies and those who want a new point of view. Holts Clubhouse does not only navigate you towards where to buy cigars but also educates you about anything and everything you want to know about them. Their reviews are in-depth but not preachy which is always refreshing to read.

12. Small Batch Cigar

Small Batch Cigar website screenshot

Not too fascinated by lengthy and fluffy articles, but still want in-depth reviews and information? Small Batch Cigar may be just the right choice for you. Their reviews are straight to the point and detailed. One of the nice things is how they lead you to where you can buy cigars which makes your life easier. However, our favorite category is the Blind Reviews they do on cigars. It is exciting, fun, and incredibly informative! We’re sure you’d get the same feeling if you check out the website.

13. Cigar Obsession

Cigar Obsession website screenshot

There’s always a sense of sincerity when you come across whatever Cigar Obsession has for its readers and viewers. The genuine and honest take on cigars is a completely different experience than simply getting useful information. For us, it’s always a bonus when you get to see more of a personal touch on the reviews.

14. Stogie Press

Stogie Press website screenshot

Our favorite thing about Stogie Press is the vibe they give to their readers. The content is regularly updated and trendy. The reviews are thorough but concise. The information is all there but written in an intelligent manner without sounding intimidating. It’s as though you’re simply taking in information from a cool friend!

15. Blind Mans Puff

Blind Mans Puff website screenshot

At Blind Mans Puff , you’ll see useful information from cigar reviews, cigars by category, cigar news, tips and tricks about cigars, and the top cigars list. Sometimes, too much information would just result in readers not even getting to know what the website is all about because they’re too intimidated by the content but not at Blind Man’s Puff. Their trendy and easy to navigate website offers thousands of articles without making the audience feel their biting more than they can chew. Personally, this is one of our favorites too; not to mention the reviews are straightforward and honest!

16. Cigar Authority

Cigar Authority website screenshot

Another website that will give the readers a full-on, detailed information about cigars is Cigar Authority . If you prefer watching or listening instead of reading, it’s great to know that Cigar Authority also produces videos and podcasts. The content is updated regularly and speaks with love and passion about cigars. You simply can’t go wrong with Cigar Authority. It’s one of those sites where you’ll get quality information!

17. Cigars and Leisure

Cigars and Leisure website screenshot

Cigars and Leisure will always be one of our favorites for its concise and fun-to-read articles. It seems magical to say the least, but they manage to give you brief articles that are easy to read without compromising important details. And sometimes, that’s enough to make us understand a particular cigar in the market. Quick, honest information is what Cigars and Leisure will give you.

18. Cigar Reviews by Phil Katman Kohn

Cigar Reviews by Phil Katman Kohn website screenshot

Full of really thorough information, Cigar Reviews by Phil Katman Kohn should be on your list if you’re looking for an in-depth review about a particular cigar. Truthful, and engaging: that’s Cigar Reviews by Phil “Katman” Kohn.

19. Cigar Craig

Cigar Craig website screenshot

The many insights from Craig’s personal experience when it comes to cigars are all written on Cigar Craig . What once was a hobby turned into an amazing adventure in the world of cigars that Craig shares through his content, articles, and reviews. What we love most about this website is how sincere and truthful the reviews are, not to mention the detailed information included in all the articles. It’s nothing but amazing and helpful for all those who are interested in the cigar world.

20. Leaf Enthusiast

Leaf Enthusiast website screenshot

Authors full of passion and an unmatched experience with cigar and pipe smoking give their readers something amazing with the Leaf Enthusiast website. Every piece of writing is really well written and the personality of each contributor shines through. Every time we read an article from them, we’d feel like we’re always in for an adventure! If you want personal reviews that are also informative, you should visit this site.

21. Developing Palates

Developing Palates website screenshot

When you first see the website aesthetics, you’ll know Developing Palates is one of the few that is worth checking out. Right off the bat, the reviews are all on point and easy to grasp. This is specifically great for newbies who are looking to develop their palates and a great website for those who are still looking to try other cigars. The reviews would often have basic information about a cigar, followed by different notes and experiences from trustworthy perspectives. It’s a unique take on reviewing products which surely, every reader will appreciate.

22. Cigar Score

Cigar Score website screenshot

From hard-to-find exotic cigars, to ones you can buy everywhere, Cigar Score has got you covered. Their wide range of reviews through articles and videos is especially helpful. It’s always delightful when reviews are made to be easily understood by the audience, with a splash of exciting energy.

23. Cigar Guide

Cigar Guide website screenshot

You’ll find personal reviews and different takes on cigars. Cigar Guide does not fail to give its readers useful information, sincere and honest reviews, and a great introduction to those who have little or no idea when it comes to cigars. We like that the articles are always very detailed and almost always complemented with photos for a full experience! If you want articles that are well thought through but from the heart, this is a good place to start.

24. 99 Cigars

99 Cigars website screenshot

99 Cigars is one of the websites that give you so much information without dangling distractions left and right. The aesthetics of the website is simple but still very trendy. All their content is easily understood and the information in every review has a very distinctive and friendly tone. Newbie friendly, but also a favorite for cigar veterans!


All of these websites may be dealing with the same topic, but each one of them offers something unique. From the way they give out reviews, the style and tone of articles, down to the very small details are just so incredible.

There are other amazing cigar blogs and websites too, but as we said, we think that these are the BEST 24 cigar blogs in 2021. So they all get the pledge of approval:

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