Best Fire Pits: 20 Awesome Designs You Need For Your Backyard

Best Fire Pits: 20 Awesome Designs You Need For Your Backyard

Do you enjoy a view of the starry night? There’s nothing nicer than having a bonfire with friends and family on a cool summer eve. There’s countless variations of fire pits on the market today, so which will be the best fire pit for your next get-together?

The Best Fire Pits on the Market

Following is list of the most popular fire pits offered on the market today. They range in materials, shapes, sizes and fuels as well as cost.

1. Solo Stove Bonfire - Super Efficient Backyard & Patio Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire


  • Unique patented design
  • Secondary combustion
  • Efficiency burner with low smoke output
  • 14” high, 19.5” diameter
  • Easy to use and no setup
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Rust, weather and crack proof
  • 20 lb. weight

The Solo Stove is a revolutionary with a cutting edge and contemporary design. It’s double-walled design maximizes airflow with a wholly new patented design. Made of sturdy stainless steel it’s unique construction allows for cool air to be pulled down and up through channels at the bottom of the fire while simultaneously pushing warm air up through the sides of the pit walls. This makes for an incredibly efficient burn and decreases smoke output. This efficiency also conserves wood with less wasteful burning.

2. Sunnydaze 34 Inch Large Steel Cauldron Fire Pit with Spark Screen



  • Made from thick 0.7 mm steel
  • Features a high temperature black finish
  • Includes spark screen, wood grate & poker
  • 23” high, 34” diameter
  • Decorative cauldronstyle w/handles
  • 1 yr. Manufacturer warranty
  • Tip proof design
  • 28 lbs. weight

Sunnydaze Décor brings you a stunning wood burning cauldron style fire pit sure to delight your whole family! It’s gorgeous design and added features will not disappoint. Made of durable steel it has a dual colored high temperature paint finish on the bowl and dark bronze on the legs. A matching screen tops the piece of making it a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor area.

3. AmazonBasics 26-Inch Portable Folding Fire Pit

Portable Folding Fire Pit


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Includes wood grate, cooking grate, spark shield & travel case
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Heat resistant, high temperature finish
  • 26” in diameter & 18” high

This fire pit is sure to be a favorite of every on-the-go outdoors lovers. This 26” bowl style wood burning fire pit is foldable and completely portable! Just fold this gem up and take it with you with no assembly required. It is made with sturdy steel covered in a high temperature heat resistant black finish. Two grates are also included, a wood grate and a cooking grate, giving you the ability to cook by fire as well. As an added handy feature, the cooking grate has a trap door, allowing you to add more wood to the bottom of the bowl without disturbing your food.

4. Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit with Cover

Best Fire Pit


  • Large 26” square tapered box design
  • Crosshatch detailing
  • 25” high, 26.3” diameter
  • Spark guard, grate, poker & cover included
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 05 lbs. weight

This gorgeous fire pit is a square steel pit with an antique bronze finish. It is beautifully designed with a lot of attention to detail. It features a crosshatch design mounted on four super sturdy legs. It has a high temperature heat resistant finish and would be a beautiful addition to any outdoor living space.

5. Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

Landmann Firepit


  • Deep 12.5” fire bowl
  • Detailed cut-out designs
  • Mounted on 4 sturdy legs & 2 handles
  • 5” high, 23.5” diameter
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes spark guard & poker
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Cauldron design

Featuring a round bowl design, the Savannah fire pit is a beautifully designed fire pit. With its diamond cut-out detailing this pit adds ambience to any get-together. The Savannah is made from heavy duty steel with a heat resistant high temperature black finish. It has a 12.5” deep fire bowl with elegant detailing throughout.

6. Endless Summer, Hex Shaped Outdoor Fire Bowl w/ Lattice

Endless Summer


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Detailed cut-out designs
  • Very lightweight
  • 8” high, 24” diameter
  • Roomy fire pit bowl
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • Spark Guard included
  • Light at 16.3 lbs. weight

Made by Blue Rhino, this fire pit is a study in outdoor elegance. Endless Summer fire pit features a hexagon shape mounted on a stylish detailed hexagon base. Geometric lattice style cut-outs grace the walls of the bowl, allowing for added firelight. It is made of sturdy steel with a rust resistant Powder-Coated frame in an oil rubbed bronze finish. This pit has a roomy bowl that is wood burning, making this pit cost-effective.

7. Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife, Black

Landmann Big Sky Firepit


  • Large 12.5” deep fire bowl
  • Cooking grate, spark screen included
  • Steel construction
  • 17” high, 29.5” diameter
  • 32 lbs. weight
  • Wildlife cut-out details

Landmann brings you another beautiful fire pit. In a deep round cauldron style fire pit in durable steel and graced with wildlife cut-out designs, this fire pit will not disappoint. Made of steel and finished with a heat resistant and weatherproof black finish it has a super deep fire bowl. This pit includes a full-size cooking grate, with full-diameter handle and spark shield included.

8. Sunjoy L-FT629PST Squaw Valley 35” Steel Fire Pit



  • Steel construction w/copper finish
  • Extra large fire bowl
  • 6 lbs. weight
  • 4” height, 35.8” diameter
  • 6 month warranty
  • Spark screen, poker & wood grate

This large round bowl style fire pit is an added piece of art to your outdoor living space! Sunjoy brings you a large steel fire bowl finished in a beautiful faux copper finish and detailed with cut-out diamond designs. This pit is mounted and encircled with black finished steel and mounted upon four sturdy legs. Sunjoy includes a spark screen, log rack and poker tool. Finish it off with a six month warranty for guaranteed satisfaction.

9. Endless Summer WAD15121MT Brushed Copper Wood Burning Outdoor Firebowl

Endless Summer Brushed Copper


  • Brushed copper finish
  • 17” high, 29.3” diameter
  • 77 lbs. weight
  • Spark screen and integrated wood grate

This round bowl style stainless steel fire pit brings your outdoor living to a whole new level! It’s large bowl design burns wood effortlessly and with style. Detailing on the four sturdy legs runs throughout and is finished in a brushed copper finish that is weather resistant. The fire bowl and mesh spark screen are finished in a heat resistant black paint. It comes with the spark screen and has an integrated wood grate included.

10. Sun Joe SJFP35-STN Cast Stone Fire Pit, 35-Inch

Sun Joe


  • Cast stone base
  • Available in 3 base choices
  • Fire bowl, grate, spark shield & screen hook included
  • 4” high, 29” fire bowl
  • 57 lbs. weight
  • Heat resistant Powder-Coat finish

Sun Joe bring you an absolutely beautiful steel and poly-resin cast stone wood burning fire pit. A large 29 inch fire bowl is covered by a mesh spark screen and screen lifter while you enjoy the ultimate bonfire experience. This piece will not only warm you and your family but add a decorative element to your outdoor living area.

11. Best Choice Products BCP Hex Shaped Outdoor Home Garden Backyard Fireplace

Best Choice


  • Lattice detail cut-outs, hexagon shape
  • 25” high, 24” width & 24” height
  • Heat resistant spark screen included
  • Super lightweight design, 15.8 lbs.weight
  • Powder-coated distressed bronze finish
  • Durable steel construction

This gorgeous fire pit features a hexagonal bowl shape with a distressed bronze finish. Detailed cut-out lattice designs grace the fire pit walls allowing for added ambiance. This pit is made with sturdy steel and is mounted on top a sturdy hexagonal base as well. The whole piece is powder coated with a rust resistant bronze finish and is deceptively lightweight for easy placement. In addition is a hexagon shaped spark shield with matching ribbing.

12. ZENY Fire Pit 32” Outdoor Square Metal Firepit

Zeny firepit


  • Large square table design with tile detail
  • Spark shield, fire bowl,cover, 2 grills & poker
  • 74” high, 28.35” wide
  • Wood burning& Charcoal enabled
  • 76 lbs. weight
  • Cooking grill grate included

Made with a sturdy steel wire mesh base this square table style fire pit will excite you. This fire pit can serve as a bonfire, a cook fire or even a cooler! With faux tile detailing on table surface of the grill, Zeny also adds anti-corrosive powder-coating paint throughout in a black finish. In addition to being able to burn wood a charcoal grill is also included.

13. AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit with Copper Accents

Amazon Basics


  • 22” wide fire bowl
  • Natural stone accenting
  • 64 lbs. weight
  • 5” height, 34” diameter

This beautiful round table style wood burning fire pit brings you elegance. A round bowl sits in the middle of a round natural tile detailed table mounted on four sturdy legs. Made from sturdy steel and finished with a black heat resistant finish with copper detailing. A matching spark screen is included along with the fire grate and poker.

14. Sorbus Fire Pit Large, 30” Outdoor Fireplace



  • 22” height, 30” diameter
  • Elegant scroll detailing
  • Spark screen, wood grate & poker included
  • 9 lbs. weight

Sorbus brings you an elegant and sturdy fire pit guaranteed to amaze. Featuring a large round bowl design with detailed scrolling and design features throughout sitting upon a matching decorative base. This pit is finished with a black heat-resistant powder-coating. This pit can be used for both wood and charcoal and is easy to assemble and comes with several accessories.

15. AZ Patio Heaters Fire Pit with Square Table, Wood Burning

AZ Patio Heater


  • Slate tile table detail
  • 66 lbs. weight
  • Fire bowl, wood grate, spark screen & poker
  • 1 year limited warranty

This beautiful square table style makes this one of the best fire pits as it brings you function as well as beauty. Made of steel with slate stone table detailing, this pit has a heat resistant antique black finish. A matching steel spark screen is included along with poker. It has an extra large fire bowl and wood grate for larger fires. Relax with your family with this stylish and functional piece.

16. Catalina Creations Crossfire Fire Pit with Quick Removable Grill

Cataline Crossfire Pit


  • 22 lbs. weight
  • 23” high, 29.5” diameter
  • Spark screen, cooking grate & poker
  • Large lattice cut-out design
  • Steel construction
  • Safety ring for easy transport

Catalina Creations brings you a multi-functional wood burning fire pit that you will fall in love with. This pit features a round bowl design with large lattice style cut-outs gracing the fire bowl for added light. Made of heavy duty steel it is mounted on top of sturdy legs. A black heat-resistant finish and an additional removable and adjustable cooking grate is included for the perfect campfire experience. The piece is topped off with a safety bowl ring to help for transport.

17. Zeny Fire Pit Hex Shaped Fire pit, Oil Rubbed Bronze


  • 25” high, 24” width & length
  • Lightweight at 75 lbs. weight
  • Lattice cut-out detailing
  • Spark Screen included
  • Oil rubbed Bronze finish
  • Heat resistant and weatherproof

Zeny brings you a stylish hexagon shaped wood burning fire pit that will impress. A cut-out lattice design graces the fire pit walls, allowing firelight to shine through. Placed upon a sturdy hexagonal base this piece is made from sturdy steel and finished in an oil rubbed bronze finish that is heat resistant and weather proof. It’s super lightweight construction makes for easy movement. A matching steel spark screen completes the piece.

18. Sunnydaze Large Rustic Cast Iron Wood-Burning Fire Pit Bowl, 34 Inch Diameter



  • 35 lbs. weight
  • 15” high
  • Choose from 24”, 30” or 34” diameter
  • Rustic aged Cast Iron construction

Sunnydaze brings you an amazing round bowl rustic style fire pit unlike any other! Made from cast iron and aged through an oxidation process this pit is sure to impress. This pit has side handles for easy transport and comes in three different sizes to choose from. It stands on four sturdy legs and is perfect for heavy duty usage.

19. Patio Watcher Fire Pit Fire Table, 30-inch Square Natural Slate Top



  • 22” high, 30” length & width
  • 5” deep fire bowl, w/ash catcher & drainage
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Slate tile table detailing
  • Rubbed Bronze Finish
  • Spark screen, wood grate & 17” poker

This elegant square table style fire pit is made from sturdy steel with slate tiling gracing the table-top. It is mounted on four sturdy steel legs with contemporary details and a rubbed bronze finish. The roomy square fire bowl is mounted in the middle of the table and is finished with a heat resistant black paint. Inside fire bowl sits a wood grate. In addition, there is an ash catcher and holes in the fire bowl to help with drainage. A matching heat resistant mesh spark screen and fire poker is included.

20. Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit with Cover and Accessories, 29”



  • 60 lbs. weight
  • 69” high, 29.53” diameter
  • Extra large fire bowl
  • Cast iron bowl on steel base
  • Celestial detailing and scroll legs
  • Spark screen, screen tool, wood grate & cover

This is a celestial inspired cauldron style fire pit made from durable cast iron. It features an extra large fire bowl. It is mounted on a steel base with four sturdy and decorative legs. It has celestial inspired design cut-outs on the side of the fire bowl for added ambiance. This is without a doubt one of the best fire pits as it makes for an impressive centerpiece for any outdoor living spaces.