Best Manual Grease Guns

Best Manual Grease Guns

If you want to get your parts lubricated or oiled, then you need to consider buying the best manual grease gun. There are different grease guns to choose from but the larger classification is between manual grease guns and those that are operated using power such as batteries. For manual grease guns, you exert the pressure using your hand through a lever or a pistol in order to discharge the grease.

Finding the Best Manual Grease Gun

In your pursuit for the best manual grease gun, you should read customer reviews as well as product reviews. This way, you will be able to find the best manual gun in the market. Once you have established how each grease gun works, you can then consider a number of things:

  • Function: Consider the function of the grease gun. Sure, it is going to be used to dispense grease onto mechanical parts, but on which vehicles or machines will the grease gun be used? This will determine whether you need a big or a small manual grease gun. It will also dictate the size of the cartridge and cylinder and the amount of pressure that you would need in your grease gun.
  • Price: How much does the grease gun cost? You should have a budget beforehand. Put a cap on the amount that you are willing to spend to get the best manual grease gun in the market. With a price range, you can then shop within your budget. This narrows down the choices you have and prevents you from overspending.
  • Longevity: How long will you need this grease gun? Do you plan on using it as long as you have a specific vehicle or machine? Would you want to use it across various automobiles and machines? If you are looking for a manual grease gun that will last long, you should look for high quality, heavy duty material. You should also be willing to spend a little more on your purchase to get the best.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Grease Gun

Before you embark on buying a grease gun, there are a number of factors that you would need to consider. These will help you get a hold of the best manual grease gun. They include:

  • Ease of Use: You want to ensure that your grease gun is easy to use. Lubrication is a very basic and fundamental process that should not be interfered with. If you would like to oil or grease various mechanical parts, then you should not have a complicated tool to administer the grease.
  • PSI: You want to have the highest possible psi on your grease gun when compared to others in the market. This refers to the maximum pressure that can be generated by the grease gun
  • Strokes per Ounce: You would also want to have just the right volume of grease delivered in the standard number of strokes. The best grease gun is one which neither discharges too much grease or too little since this will lead to over-lubrication and under-lubrication respectively.
  • Size of the Cartridge: The cartridge capacity determines the amount of grease that is available for use. You want to have a grease gun with a high cartridge capacity. This will cater for your needs, that is, you can lubricate many parts without running out of grease. Additionally, the amount of grease is considered in relation to how and where you plan to use the grease gun.

Best Grease Gun Reviews

The following are the best manual grease guns in the market. You can find them online in various stores such as Amazon and eBay. They include:

Drake Off Road Lincoln Lubrication 1134 Grease Gun

Best Manual Grease Gun

The Lincoln lubrication grease gun is known for its strength and its ability to last long. This is possible because of the rugged head cast the grease gun has. The grease gun is also safe to use as it has a handle return mechanism that is jam-proof. It is a pistol-grip pressure gun and has 7,500 psi for 16 oz volume capacity and a 14.5 oz cartridge size. In addition to all this, the Lincoln grease gun also has a heavy spring which ensures that your pumping action is not interrupted. The grease gun comes with a hose which makes lubrication in hard-to-reach places much easier.

Customers have noted that the Lincoln lubrication 1134 grease gun is helpful in lubrication. It comes with a lock-on tip that ensures no grease escapes through the fitting. Additionally, you can easily pull of this grease fitting through the unscrew function of the tip.

Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

Alemite Manual Grease Gun

The Alemite grease gun delivers 10,000 psi at 1 oz for every 21 strokes. The grease gun has a vinyl cover at the lower level of the lever to make gripping easier. Additionally, it has an aluminum head that is die cast, providing for a durable grease gun. To add onto all of this, the grease gun also has a valve that bleeds pressure to ensure that the pressure does not build up in the cylinder. The grease gun uses a lever mechanism to dispense the grease into the parts that need lubrication.

Customers have noted that this grease gun has some solid construction. It is easy to use and can therefore easily get under a truck, which is convenient for those who own these types of vehicles.

Lumax LX-1152 Pistol Grease Gun

Lumax Grease Gun

The Lumax grease gun is a heavy duty pistol grease gun that can be operated by one hand to provide convenience.  It delivers up to 7,000 psi and dispenses 4 oz of grease for every 100 strokes. In addition to this, the grease gun has a grip that makes for comfortable and easy handling. The handle is contoured and resistant to oil. The grease gun has an air bleeder that helps to ensure that there are no air pockets in the grease gun. Furthermore, you enjoy the rod lock which is important when it comes to preventing accidental discharge.  One of the unique features of this handheld grease gun is that it can be loaded in three different ways: through suction, using a cartridge or through the grease pump.

Customers hail this grease gun as long lasting and durable. It is easy to load and easy to use which are likeable qualities. In addition to this, it works great and does not have any leaks once you start using it for lubrication.

Lincoln Lubrication 1148 2-Way Grease Gun

Lincoln 2 way

The Lincoln Lubrication two-way grease gun is one of the best manual grease guns in the market. It has a vent valve which helps to remove air from the gun thus preventing a buildup. It has the unique feature of two-way filling which can either be done through suction or by using a cartridge. The handle is made from vinyl which helps to prevent slipping when you are applying grease on the parts that need lubrication. You can comfortably grease your parts while operating the gun with one hand for convenience.

Customers agree that this is a grease gun that is worth the money paid to purchase it. It comes at a fair price and works well. It can grease various automobiles and machines including a lawnmower comfortably. It also does not have any leaks once you load the cartridge.

Approved for Automotive Grease Gun

Approved For Automotive

This grease gun is relatively inexpensive when compared to other quality grease guns. It can be used on any car, truck or even large boats and machines used in construction. The rod lock prevents accidental discharge while the removable plunger has an air bleeder to ensure that there is no pressure buildup within the grease gun cylinder. You can load the gun through cartridge, suction or using the grease pump. Additionally, it comes with a hose that is instrumental when you find those hard-to-reach places where you need help. This impressive grease gun delivers up to 10,000 psi which is impressive. It also works on a 16 oz cartridge.

For this grease gun, the customers agree that the quality of the gun is worth the price you pay for it. It works great for lubrication and does not leak. The only concern noted by one customer is that the fitting might be too big if you plan on greasing automotive joints. All in all, it is a quality manually operated grease gun.


If you are looking for the best manual grease gun, then these five are the top picks. You can figure out which of the grease guns will be a worthy purchase based on your needs and the qualities that you are looking for in a grease gun. Do not forget to shop within your price range to make work easier and the process much shorter. At the end of the day, if you follow these considerations, you will have the best grease gun that is operated by hand.