The Best Study Hacks For Students

The Best Study Hacks For Students

With so many parties, mixers and new people to meet, getting study time into your schedule can be tricky. These study hacks for students will make the painful process of studying an easy and even enjoyable experience.

The Power Of Google

Google has so many features to make studying easier. If you need to understand a topic but are struggling with your textbooks, then type the subject then file type into the search. For example Astronomy filetype:ppt. You’ll find loads of helpful presentations for free.

Save money on buying textbooks by finding web copies on Google. Type the name of the textbook then filetype:pdf. You’ll find scanned copies of the textbook by looking through the results.

Google Scholar helps you find published papers related to your field. It’s free and allows you to scan digital and physical articles. Scholar searches universities and publishers so it’s excellent to assist you when you write an assignment.

Google docs is like Microsoft Word and also has spreadsheets and presentations applications. You can use it offline and it’s free. It also saves your work automatically and enables multiple users to edit the same document with its sharing function.

Maximise Your Productivity

Some say music is a distraction when studying, but some types of music can boost productivity. Classical, chilled, and earthy music create a calm environment.

Studying in the same place gets boring and you might find yourself drifting off to sleep. Attempt to work in different places. If it’s a nice day, then study outside and enjoy the sun. Libraries are also great because they create a quiet environment with little distractions. Changing your scenery will give you more motivation and you can study in a wide range of places if you use headphones to block out the noise.

Use the Pomodoro Technique to see quick results. You’ll save yourself from the distractions of Facebook updates and it’s easy to do. Split your work into four sections and use a kitchen timer for each section.

Take short breaks and move around. Not only does it renew your energy, it also prevents back and neck strain from sitting at a desk too long. Regular breaks will also ensure you stay on track with your studying and don’t lose focus.

Write Winning Essays

When you write an essay, start your first draft by hand. It helps you come up with new ideas and you can add to them later when you type it up. People often find it easier to start off a paper writing by hand because it increases creativity.

Never write a paper and not check its readability level. There are many apps online that test your document and writing style. It helps to make an essay more engaging and you’ll get a higher grade.

Google Translate allows you to hear how your work sounds when read out loud. It helps you spot mistakes and lets you hear the flow of the text. Copy and paste the text into translate.

Wikipedia is excellent for primary sources, but it’s not acceptable to use it for answers. The information may not be correct and tutors are unlikely to accept information attributed to Wikipedia.

Use one of the many applications online to cut out unnecessary words. Your essays should be concise and to the point or the reader may become bored. It’s also important to avoid being repetitive and use a wide range of vocabulary. An online thesaurus can suggest different words to use and make your essay more enjoyable to read.