Life Hacks Every Student Should Know

Life Hacks Every Student Should Know

Student life can be hard, but we’re here to make it easier for you. Here are essential life hacks you should know.

Never miss your morning lecture

To make sure you wake up on time set an alarm for ten minutes before you need to get up. If you sleep through your phone alarm, then place it in an empty glass to amplify the sound.

Nothing will make you leap out of bed quicker than a retro alarm. Put it on the other side of your bedroom and we guarantee you’ll never oversleep again.

Make food shopping simple

Losing your shopping list can be a thing of the past. Use your phone to take photos of your refrigerator and cabinets. When you’re shopping you can look at what you need without carrying a list around.

Colour code essential items

Instead of rummaging through drawers and bags to find your notebooks, use a colour for each class to find them. Colour in a small section of the top of your book and arrange them so you can see the colours. Take notes in lectures with different colour pens. You’ll be able to highlight the essential points you need to remember.

You can also colour code your keys using nail varnish. Paint the top of each key with a different colour and never struggle to unlock different doors again.

Save your change

Don’t throw your change aside and forget about it. Put a jar in a convenient place and attempt to put the spare change in it. Once the jars full take it to the bank or a coin machine and reap the rewards of your savings. Think of all the beer and pizza as an incentive.

Protect your items

University is about having fun and meeting interesting people. Not all of them will be nice and some may steal your items. Replacing laptops is expensive and is avoidable by purchasing a laptop lock. Student insurance policies will cover all of your expensive gadgets, so it’s worth looking into.

Save money by being creative

You can make your own iPod speakers by cutting a hole in a toilet roll holder and using it as a dock. Cut holes in the sides of two plastic cups and place them on each end of the toilet roll holder. Honestly, it works!

If you have a lot of power cables, use paper clips to keep them separate and stop you having to unwind them.

Who needs plates when you’ve got tortilla wraps in the cupboard? Save time on washing up by using the wrap as a plate. Save your takeout containers too and you can reuse them.

Use tabs from cans to create double hangers for your clothes. It’s easy to do and you’ll save your clothes from ending up in a pile on the floor.

Get by with help from your friends

Giving a class presentation can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you have a friend in the same class, ask them to have a question ready. You’ll look smart and you’ll score extra points.

If you live with people, then consider doing a group meal rota. Buying in bulk saves money and with each person taking a turn to cook you’ll have a healthier diet.

A great beer trick

You want a beer, but don’t want to wait until it cools in the refrigerator. Get a wet paper towel and wrap it around the beer. Put it in the freezer for two minutes and it’ll be nice and cold.