4 Best Wi-Fi Freezer Alarms

4 Best Wi-Fi Freezer Alarms

Owning a freezer at home is indeed a great commodity, especially for larger families. However, nobody loves seeing their favorite bacon or sausages spoiled due to a lower or higher temperature level. Such an issue may become really annoying and frustrating if you don’t take any action.

Luckily, when there’s will, there’s a way. There’s an easy and quick solution to the problem and that’s Wi-Fi freezer alarms. Those freezer alarms will completely relieve you of the duty of always having to check the temperature.

What’s more, wireless alarms give you not only the opportunity to preserve your food fresh and safe for consumption. They also allow you to monitor and adjust the presets of your freezer from distance.

For this reason, it’s beneficial for you to know more about Wi-Fi freezer alarms. To make this even better, we have compiled a short list of 4 best Wi-Fi freezer alarms for you. Taking full control of your freezer has never been easier.

What Exactly Are Wi-Fi Alarms

To make things clear, Wi-Fi alarm’s real name is remote control monitors. Simply put, a remote control monitor is a modern-day digital thermometer that tracks the ambient changes in the temperature.  In most cases, such devices can also monitor humidity.

Furthermore, these devices act as sensors that use mainly wireless or Bluetooth connection to send information to the receiver, in other words, the customer. The latter then can monitor the place of interest by checking on the received data on his or her smartphone, tablet or computer in real time. There are also various additional features that different manufacturers offer.

Why Freezer Alarms Are Useful

Nowadays, smart and wireless technologies are ruling the world as we know it. There are tons of devices that are specifically designed to make our lifestyle more and more convenient and effortless. It can be safely said that Wi-Fi alarms are at the top of the list. Such devices make monitoring temperature and humidity of even the most unthinkable places possible.

First of all, they save loads of time on checking up on the freezer temperature levels. Because the Wi-Fi freezer alarm alerts you remotely via messages over the Internet, you won’t have to be staying at home anymore. Also, getting the so-needed alert on time helps you to take action on time. This will definitely prevent your food or medicines from thawing and becoming spoiled.

Furthermore, Wi-Fi connection allows various features and makes the use of such devices much more helpful than we believe. They not only alert us when needed, but they also give us the opportunity to adjust the temperature or humidity levels of the devices we use it in. As long as you are connected to the Internet, there’s no need to go back home to fix the problem.

Finally, most people tend to shy away from expensive and luxurious home appliances. With Wi-Fi alarms, this is not the case. For the practical use they deliver, these products are pretty cheap and affordable. What’s more, they can be used not only for your freezer or refrigerator but also in your garden, office, kids’ room and so on. This easily justifies the money. After all, no one likes spending money on food that is then spoiled in the freezer.

The 4 Best Wi-Fi Freezer Alarms

1. Ideal Sciences Temp Stick

Ideal Sciences Temp Stick

Ideal Sciences Temp Stick

  • Easy to install
  • Can measure both temperature and humidity
  • Supports an iOS app
  • Extremely accurate
  • Doesn’t require additional fees and subscriptions
  • Has Data-Logger as well as Unlimited History
  • Adjustable frequency of updates
  • Solid battery life
  • 5-year warranty included
  • A bit pricy compared to other Wi-Fi alarms
  • Complains about the short life
  • Issues with the wireless connection

To begin with, the Ideal Sciences Temp Stick is definitely one of the best Wi-Fi freezer alarms on the market right now and there are several reasons why.

One of the most important things is that this product is a piece of cake to install and get going. The batteries have a very long life so you probably won’t have to change them for at least 6 months. If you set the frequency of updates to 60 mins, you might even get the batteries to work for over a year. If anything goes wrong, the Temp Stick comes with a 5-year warranty period.

What’s more, you have a bunch of extra features that add even more value to the alarm. The main advantage of the device is that it can measure both humidity and temperature. This makes it useful not only for freezers but also for any other place or the room you can come up with. On top of that, Temp Stick provides extreme accuracy from -40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius and from 0% to 100% humidity level.

In addition, you will be notified via the application even when the battery is low or the Internet connection is lost. This is essential as you will be able to keep actual track of your freezer. If the connection is lost, the device will keep trying to reconnect and you will be notified when it does.

2. La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101-GP

La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101-GP

La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101-GP

  • Has remote sensors that work with a browser
  • Free application that can be used on your smartphone
  • Alerts via e-mails and text messages
  • Can be used for a variety of appliances
  • Suitable for both lower and higher temperature levels
  • Monitors humidity
  • Scalable system
  • The app is somehow buggy
  • Text messages are not so fast
  • A service plan is needed after a year of use
  • Complains of poor customer service

This wireless alarm is perfect at what it’s designed for. It’s even more than that, you can use the La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101-GP to track the humidity and temperature of any place you wish – even your greenhouse. The interface is easy to use and you can use the alarm on your smartphone, tablet or computer effortlessly.

As for freezers and fridges, there is a six-foot dry probe, specially designed for monitoring harder-to-reach places. When the pre-set temperature or humidity exceeds the limit, you will be notified via text message or e-mail. Furthermore, you will be notified if the batteries are weak or the wireless connection is lost.

Other than that, this versatile system comes with everything in the package. Apart from the dry probe, you will get a LAN cable with an AC adapter. Along with that, you will be able to download and use the application on your device.

3. Blue Maestro Tempo Disc

Blue Maestro Tempo Disc

Blue Maestro Tempo Disc

  • Extremely compact
  • Has an iOS app
  • The app automatically detects the device
  • Easily configurable settings
  • Stores over 8 months of data at default settings
  • Unlimited storage in the app
  • Uses Bluetooth which lowers the range of connection
  • Complaints of issues with connecting the product to smartphones
  • May show disparate and unreliable readings
  • Poor installation instructions
  • Short range
  • The app doesn’t show date and time

Firstly, this Wi-Fi freezer alarm’s best feature is definitely its compact size. The incredibly small Blue Maestro Tempo Disc can be placed almost anywhere. This makes it ideal for freezers, refrigerators, greenhouses, reptile tanks and etc.

Talking about purpose, according to the manufacturer, Tempo Disc is a remote thermometer, hygrometer and dew point sensor beacon and data logger. The default settings allow the device to store data for over 8 months while the app can store an unlimited amount of information. All this is done with only one CR2032 coin cell which lasts around 1 year. Furthermore, there is a time-stamped record which allows users to download the information directly on their smartphones in a CSV file.

While the accuracy is not the best out there, it is definitely of top quality. What’s more, the temperature range that the Tempo Disc can detect is between -30 degrees and 80 degrees Celsius which is pretty impressive for such a small device. Even though the device uses Bluetooth connection, it still has a relatively long range of operation – up to 70 meters line of sight, reduced by obstacles.

Although there’s more work on the app, it still serves well as the dashboard gives information about the unit, the battery level as well as the product app’s version and airplane mode. The app updates itself automatically which is completely fine. Probably the best thing about the app is that it can monitor multiple Tempo Disc sensors at a time and one device can be monitored by multiple smartphones simultaneously.

4. Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer

Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer

Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer

  • Up to 100 meters of range without obstructions
  • Monitors both temperature and humidity
  • Easy to use and install the iOS app
  • Minute-by-minute updates
  • The device can store up to 20 days of information
  • Compatible with the SensorPush G1 WiFi Gateway for remote access via the Internet
  • Compact size
  • Not waterproof
  • Prolonged exposure to humidity higher than 80% may create an offset of up to +3% in the readings
  • Outdated and hard-to-find battery
  • Unreliable temperature readings as well as working range

First of all, the Sensor Push Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer is the definition of compact. Even though it’s not as small as the Tempo disc, it’s still small and easy to place anywhere you want. The device starts working at around 100 meters of range and sends information every minute to guarantee you are kept up-to-date with any changes in the temperature or humidity. Also, the alarm is pretty easy to install. You just need to activate your Bluetooth and add the device.

What’s more, for extra 99$ you can get the G1 WiFi Gateway from the manufacturer for additional remote access. Actually, the wireless connection may prove to be much more convenient than the Bluetooth 4.0. Regardless of your choice of use, you will get the same neat and informative app. The top sensor has alerts set while the bottom one is reporting the readings. If an alarm parameter exits the pre-set range, it immediately notifies you via a push alert on your phone.

Last but not least, you can easily check on the history of both humidity and temperature readings. This adds to the user-friendly interface of the app, thus making the alarm really suitable for small spaces such as freezers.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to use them for your freezer or even your wine cellar, Wi-Fi alarms give complex information that can really save you from worries and unwanted issues. Wireless connection and the Internet give the opportunity of effortless monitoring of your place of desire.

Therefore, the list of these 4 best Wi-Fi freezer alarms that will help you keep track of your food or medicines. With such a device at hand, keeping the freezer conditions to the optimum will certainly become a lot easier. Since you can just check up on your smart device, you will no longer have to worry about your favorite food getting spoiled or thawed.