Best Office Footrests

Best Office Footrests

If you are looking for one of the best office footrests, then you are spoilt for choice because there are quite a few in the market. These footrests are often very affordable and you may not need to break the bank to get one. Many people do not have these footrests because they do not know why they are important. Before you go and get a stool that just fits under your desk, you need to understand why these footrests are crucial:

  • Improved Circulation

Footrests help to improve blood circulation in the feet. When your feet are flatly planted on the floor, there is limited circulation which promotes numbness and cramps. When you get a footrest, you can comfortably adjust your feet and this encourages circulation. Some footrests also have rubber bumps and rollers to massage your feet. This is even more effective.

  • Posture and Back Support

Your posture is ruined when you have your feet planted on the floor the whole time you are sitting. The way to rectify this is to get a footrest. It helps to provide support for your lower back and this ultimately helps to improve your posture. This is beneficial when you are sitting and also later as you walk and move about as you do not slouch and put a lot of pressure on your spine.

  • Height Adjustment

If you are among those who are vertically-challenged, you know the struggle of having your feet dangling when at a desk. The problem is worse when you try to adjust the height of the chair so your feet can reach the floor. In that case your arms are too low for the desk. The best solution is to get a footrest. This way, you can get the great benefits of having your posture and lower back supported, improved circulation and your feet on a surface instead of dangling in the air.

Webble Ergonomic Office Footrest from BriteObjects

Ergonomic office footrest

If you are in search of an ergonomic footrest, then the Webble footrest is a good option. It is a bit on the pricier side when compared to other footrests but it is worth the extra cash spent. It is known for its iconic shape and the 360 degree motion that it offers the user. This footrest helps to improve your posture because of the ample support that it offers your back and lower body. Additionally, you get to enjoy as your arches are massaged by the contoured edges of the footrest. This footrest is set apart by its spring suspension and patented mesh membrane.

Customers who have used this footrest love it. The wheels allow you to move from one position to another without having to lift the footrest. Additionally, the wheels do not make a lot of noise when you are in motion. This is part of why it is a good footrest for both personal and communal workspaces.

Office Ottoman Non-Slip Ergonomic Foam Cushion

Office Ottoman Footrest

The Office Ottoman footrest aims to reduce or entirely eliminate the discomfort that comes with bulkier footrests. The half-cylinder footrest is just the right height and serves people of all heights, short or tall. It is comfortable and does not cause knee bumping between the chair and the table. It also allows for different sitting positions to promote comfort.

The non-skid tread surface prevents the footrest slipping and keeps it in the desired position. It is one of the best solutions for feet cramping and numbness. Additionally, this footrest is made of hypoallergenic, anti-microbial medical grade foam and a washable cover to promote hygiene and cleanliness; something that other footrests do not consider.

People who have used this ottoman are pleased with the purchase. It is economical because of the affordable price and improves posture while supporting the back.

Kensington SoleSaver Adjustable Footrest

Kensington Solemate

If you are in search of an affordable footrest, the Kensington SoleSaver is one of the best in the market. This footrest helps to improve blood circulation and reduce the pressure exerted on your lower back. One of its greatest features is the adjustable height as well as the angle. You have room to adjust to 10, 15 and 20 degrees depending on your preference. This makes the footrest suitable for people of different height as it is flexible.

Additionally, it has a non-slip surface which improves stability as you step on it under your office desk. It is one of the best office footrests because it makes money sense as well.

Customers find it sturdy and helpful, especially for shorter people who no longer have to deal with their feet dangling beneath the desk.

Halter F6068 Adjustable Footrest

Halter footrest

The Halter F6068 adjustable footrest is affordable. It offers you the functions that every other footrest offers. This includes improving your posture and dealing with back pain by providing support for the lower back. Other than that, this footrest is unique because it has surface rollers and bumps. These can be used to massage the feet while you are seated. Another great feature is the adjustability. You can adjust for height as well as angle.

People find this footrest comfortable to use. It fits easily under the desk and is easy to set up. The only thing that users should note is that it does not strongly lock in place. That means that it may not be the best to use with a standing desk. However, it is still one of the best office footrests in the market.

Smart n Comfy Footrest Cushion

Smart and comfy footrest

The Smart n Comfy footrest cushion provides an ergonomic working environment when used as an office footrest. It has a half-cylinder design which helps to provide the user with infinite foot position options. In addition to this, the footrest has a non-slip washable cover which helps to improve stability and cleanliness as it can be removed from time to time for washing.

The reason this is one of the best office footrests is because it is lightweight and therefore portable. You can use it as an office footrest and for travel as well. To provide increased airflow and support, this footrest is made from hypoallergenic, anti-microbial high density foam which has strengthened cell walls.

The Smart n Comfy footrest is affordable. It therefore provides customers with improved circulation and eliminates back pain at a reasonable price. The fact that you can flip it over and rock back and forth to break monotony helps those who do not have a long concentration span.

Embody Care Ergonomic Footrest

best office footrest

Embody Care ergonomic footrest is one of the best office footrests available online. It has been designed to provide you with ease of movement. It adjusts easily to your desired position and angle. The footrest also has bumps to naturally massage your pressure points as you sit down. This helps improve circulation in the body as well as support your back.

This Embody Care footrest works for people of different heights. Customers who have used the footrest note that it is ergonomic and comfortable. It can be used under the desk as an office footrest or even at home when seated watching television or gaming.

Halter F7012 Footrest

Premium Ergonomic Footrest

The Halter F7012 footrest is not only affordable but also has a lifetime warranty. These are two great features. In addition to this, it has non-slip rubber which helps with stability when you are using the footrest by stepping on it. it is adjustable and therefore allows you to tilt to different angles making it suitable for people of different height. The other quality that seals this as one of the best office footrests is that it is mobile. You can move it from one place to another allowing you to use it elsewhere other than in an office.

The Halter F7012’s portability is one of the features that customers like. It is great for office use but can also be used in cars, for travel or at home. This is value for the relatively cheap price when compared to other footrests.

Fellowes Climate Control Footrest

Climate Control Footrest

The Fellowes Climate Control Footrest helps to reduce back pain and increase blood circulation by improving comfort. It provides support and helps to massage the feet while you are seated. The reason why this is one of the best office footrests is that it also has different heat settings that you can use depending on your office climate. The three settings are: cool fan, low heat and high heat. You can change your setting depending on the weather.

One of the things that some customers have noted about this footrest is that it has a noisy fan but this is relative and dependent on the working environment. This affordable footrest works as free-standing climate control and as a footrest as well.


Having an office footrest is important. It is especially vital for those who spend endless hours at a desk sitting. This kind of working environment can cause reduced circulation and promote back pain as well as a bad posture. To remedy this, you can consider the above footrests which are ranked as some of the best and most affordable in the market.