Best Tactical Gloves

Best Tactical Gloves

Your hands are important tools for work. They are also your greatest weapon. If you have ever injured your hands, you know how going about your normal duties becomes exceedingly hard. If you have gone through such a scenario, then you can appreciate the value of taking care of your hands. If you haven’t, be grateful about it but learn from other people’s experiences. Always take care of your hands. In order to do this, you have to look for the best tactical gloves in the market.

Tactical gloves, unlike normal gloves, are used in outdoor activities or hard work that poses a danger to your hands. If you can easily get a cut, abrasion or bump then you should get some tactical gloves to take care of your precious hands.

Important Things to Consider before Getting Tactical Gloves

If you plan on getting tactical gloves, you have to take the process seriously. You cannot just grab the first pair that you see. You need to be patient and look through what is available in the market to find the best tactical gloves ever. After all, the plan is to offer your hands the best protection.

In order to choose the best gloves, you need to consider:

  • The Use

Let us admit it. The only reason why you are getting tactical gloves is because you need to protect your hands. This means that you already know what activities you will be engaging in. If you are going to be cycling, rising your motorbike, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, paintballing, handling a rifle or just working in your yard, you need tactical gloves. The type of activity that you are taking part in will help to direct you. It will point to the need and therefore the qualities that you want to have in the pair of gloves. If, for example, you are cycling or riding, you want tactical gloves that have an anti-slip feature.

  • Budget

The other thing that you will need to consider, whether or not you want to, is the budget that you are working with. It is very easy to have aspirations of getting the best tactical gloves which also have some great features. However, if you do not have enough money to make the purchase, these will only be dreams at best. On the other hand, you do not want to cheap out and get the cheapest gloves only to find that they are useless and do not serve the purpose you intended them to. The trick is to find a balance between quality and price. This way, you can get the best of both.

Qualities to Look Out for in Tactical Gloves

As you make arrangements on how you are going to buy the best tactical gloves, there are a number of features that you should use as a benchmark for comparison when you are short listing the type of gloves you are considering. These include:

  • Protection Offered

You should look at the amount of protection that the glove promises. You can gauge this through the material used for the gloves. It should be high quality and preferably reinforced to protect your palms and the back of your hands. Some gloves have extra padding at the back to protect your knuckles against high impact. These are the kind of gloves that you need to go for.

  • Durability

You will also need to think about how durable the gloves are. You can get this information from the type of material used. Nylon, spandex, PU leather and microfiber are some of the best. However, you also need to read reviews to see what other customers have to say about the durability of the tactical gloves before you buy them.

  • Breathability

The best tactical gloves are those that allow the hands to breathe. This can be achieved through the type of material that is used to manufacture them. In addition to this, some gloves have ventilation spaces carved into the knuckle padding. This allows you to wear the gloves in warm and hot weather without having sweaty hands or odor.

  • Dexterity and Freedom of Movement

Finally, you must recognize that you need flexibility in your hands. If you are protected but cannot bend you knuckles, then you cannot get any work done. It would also be dangerous to engage in high risk outdoor sporting activities without the full comfortable movement of your hands. You should always ensure that the gloves are flexible and provide dexterity despite any extra padding. You should have both; not settle for either one or the other.

Best Tactical Glove Reviews

Some of the best tactical gloves in the market include:

FREETOO Tactical Gloves

Best Tactical Glove

If you are into adventure and love to cycle, hike, climb rocks or even enjoy a game of paintball, then the FREETOO tactical gloves are just for you. These gloves provide sufficient protection for such activities. They are made of PU material which provides an anti-skid feature. This material makes it easy to grip various surfaces without fear of slipping. The gloves also have spandex for comfort. The microfiber material at the fingers is best for outdoor activities as it provides protection and does not wear out easily.

These tactical gloves are breathable at the knuckles. They are crafted with soft material that does not bruise the knuckles but one which is also hard enough to keep them protected. They fit snugly and provide adequate movement around the wrist and the knuckles as well. Most customers who have bought them are quite pleased. They fit true to size and come in handy on different outdoor activities. The breathable vents help to reduce hand sweat and odor, making these perfect.

Mechanix Wear MultiCam Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Tactical Gloves

The Mechanix Wear MultiCam tactical gloves are a steal! They are worth every penny spent because they come through with adequate protection while engaging in outdoor activities. Most people use them while handling rifles.

These gloves have some pretty impressive features. The knuckles are made of thermoplastic rubber which helps to guard the fingers against injuries. In addition to this, the gloves also have padding on the palms to absorb any vibrations and high-impact energy plus a back that is covered adequately for impact protection. The Mechanix gloves also come with a comfortable wrist closure and breathable material so you do not have to feel sweaty as you go about your activities. One thing that cannot be overlooked is the MultiCam camouflage design that makes these gloves perfect to wear together with your MultiCam gear while in the field.

Customers are impressed with these gloves, especially at the price. They offer dexterity and flexibility thanks to the synthetic leather. One customer noted that the gloves do feel a bit too thick for operating a rifle because they take a lot of the sensitivity out due to the necessary padding.

Viperade Military Rubber Hard Outdoor Tactical Gloves

Viperade Tactical Gloves

Some of the best tactical gloves in the market are the Viperade military tactical gloves. These are great for use while riding a motorcycle, getting some outdoor work done or even in activities such as paintball. They have reinforced padding on the knuckles and the palms to ensure that you are protected at all times. The wrists have some soft material that prevents chaffing and is therefore great for those with sensitive and easily irritable skin. Furthermore, the Viperade gloves are breathable so you can wear them in warm weather without fear of sweaty hands and the resulting odor.

Customers who have bought these gloves are pleased at how flexible they are and the dexterity they provide despite the padding at the back. They also have a loop design at the bottom that makes it easy to slip the gloves on as well as strap them to your backpack for safekeeping when they are not on your hands.

Nachvorn Tactical Military Gloves

Nachvorn Tactical Gloves

The first thing that you need to know about the gloves is that they are men’s gloves. The gloves are best used for outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, climbing and motorcycle riding. They have a dual-layer synthetic leather palm that protects against skidding or losing grip. They are also reinforced at the palms and the back to protect from high impact and keep your hands safe. In addition to this, these military gloves have a Velcro wrist adjustment which you can tie at any point as per the convenience of your hand. Despite the reinforcement, these gloves are quite flexible, offering dexterity. Like most other tactical gloves, they are breathable and therefore comfortable to wear in hotter weather.

The reviews from customers who have bought these pair of gloves are overwhelmingly positive. They fit well and also provide adequate protection and comfort during various outdoor activities. Additionally, they are quite durable which increases the value you get for your money.

ADiPROD Tactical Gloves

AdiProd Tactical Gloves

ADiPROD tactical gloves are some of the best outdoor gloves that you will find. They are great for use whenever you are using some fine motor skills. This includes hooting, riding, cycling, driving and hunting. The tactical gloves have reinforced protection which helps to protect your fingers and your whole hand from injury. They also protect against high impact energy. They are made of nylon and Velcro and should probably not be thrown in the washer. However, when you do wash them, they are lightweight and therefore dry quickly.

People who have these gloves love them. The fact that they look so good in light brown is also a plus since you have functionality and aesthetics wrapped up in one. They are also breathable allowing for circulation and dispelling any odor. In addition to this, you can easily adjust the wrist for comfort.

In Hand Protector Military Grade Half Finger Tactical Gloves

Fingerless Tactical Gloves

In Hand Protector military grade tactical gloves look good, are affordable and functional as well. They are made of high quality material and are therefore resistant to different weather patterns. Apart from being breathable which allows you to wear them in warmer temperatures, they are also windproof. Their sturdiness allows for longevity of the gloves. In addition to that, they have an anti-slip feature and protect your hands from cuts and abrasions. These tactical gloves are made of microfiber and nylon so washing them easy and they dry fast as well.

One of the common sentiments among customers is that they find the gloves comfortable. They are also great for outdoor use when you are riding your motorcycle, paintballing, hiking and mountaineering to name but a few. The reinforced material provides for protection against high impact as well.

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves

PIG Dexterity Tactical Gloves

The PIG tactical gloves are some of the best in the market. They have a unique isolated and sensitized trigger finger which comes in handy for those who handle rifles as increased sensitivity is desirable. Additionally, the gloves have a dual flex joint trigger finger which allows for maximum flexibility. They are comfortable and lightweight in addition to the ventilation. The latter makes the gloves breathable which reduces sweatiness and odor when you are in the field.

These full dexterity gloves have touch-screen conductive synthetic suede on the index finger and thumb. This allows you to use some devices while still wearing them. It is not a wonder then that most customers have positive reviews, pointing out just how comfortable the gloves are especially when shooting.

Fuyuanda Half Finger Outdoor Gloves

Fingerless Black Tactical Gloves

If you are into mountain hiking, shooting or airsoft, these are the best gloves for you. They have padded palms which are reinforced to reduce any high impact energy. In addition to this, the padding is made of artificial leather which protects against skidding thus reinforcing the grip. For added protection, the gloves have a rubber knuckle protector.  The adjustable Velcro strap makes for a comfortable fit at the wrist. To top it all off, the Fuyuanda outdoor gloves are breathable thus preventing sweaty hands and odor.

Customers who have these gloves find them comfortable and they fit perfectly. They are also strong and provide adequate protection against abrasion, cuts or serious bumps.

Loyalfire Tactical Gloves

Loyalfire Tactical Gloves

Another one of the best pair of outdoor gloves in the market is Loyalfire. These tactical gloves are made of polyester fiber which is durable and breathable as well. You can wear the gloves in hot weather since they prevent sweat and odor. Additionally, you get to enjoy dexterity and protection against bruises and abrasions thanks to the reinforcement on the palms and fingers. These gloves are best for outdoor activities such as shooting and motorcycle riding.

Those who have bought these gloves find that they are best used for riding your motorcycle. They are also fitting and quite comfortable to wear.


If you are looking for the best tactical gloves in the market, you first need to know specifically what you will use them for and consider the amount of money that you have to spend on the purchase. Furthermore, comparing the characteristics of various gloves will help you to find the best one faster. Checking the durability, breathability, the quality of the material and whether or not it is reinforced is a part of the process. Being this thorough will ensure that you have the best gloves for your activities.

The gloves above are some of the best for various outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, motorcycle riding or even working in your yard. This is because they provide adequate protection, breathability and high energy impact protection for your hands. You can rest safe knowing that your hands will not get harmed in case anything happens unexpectedly. If you are looking to buy a good pair of tactical gloves, then this list provides you with a variety of options to choose from.