How To Remove Flavor From Whiskey Stones

How To Remove Flavor From Whiskey Stones

Whisky stones are an innovative alternative to ice. They’re basically soapstone cubes designed to chill your alcohol without diluting it like traditional ice does. And some claim it gives a more sustained chill to their beverages.

Here’s the problem.

Although Whisky stones are designed to be odourless and tasteless (and hence shouldn’t affect the flavor of your drink), stones stored in the freezer for prolonged periods of time often acquire a subtle freezer taste which can spoil the flavor of your favourite beverage. And, if you’ve used them once, you may find that they still contain traces of your previous drink when using them again.

The following are some of the ways to remove flavor from whisky stones.

Soak the Stones In Warm Water

Preferably for a few hours. The warmer the water the better. And, make sure they’re fully immersed by at least a couple of inches so that there’s plenty of surface area covered. It’s also recommended to stir the liquid once in a while as the movement helps the process significantly.

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The way you dry whisky stones also matters. The most efficient way is leaving them out in the open to air dry. However, this can take quite a while. If you must use a cloth to help the drying process, make sure they’re thoroughly clean.

Alternatively, you can consider popping them in the oven for a short amount of time to speed up the drying process. This is probably the quickest method, and it doesn’t run the risk of having them contaminated by a new flavor. Be sure not to overheat them, though, as they’ll crack, or worse, explode.

Consider Using Linen Bags To Store Your Whisky Stones

Linen bag can help you a lot especially in terms of storage of the whisky stones. If you’re storing your whisky stones in without any exterior packaging, then direct exposure to the contents of your freezer can cause it to acquire a taste.

The best whisky stone providers will often include efficient forms of storage, like a canvas bag. Linen bags are also amongst the most popular methods, as they help prevent the stones from acquiring the flavors in your freezer.

A Final Note - The Material Matters

It’s always better to prevent whisky stones from gaining flavor instead of having to go through the process of removing the taste very time you use it. And that’s why the type of whisky stone you buy is important.

On the market, you’ll find a range of different types of whisky stones. These can vary in:

  • Shape
  • Price
  • Hardness
  • Material
  • Porosity

Good-quality whisky stones should be non-porous and hence resistant to acquiring a taste or smell of its own.

You’ll find that stones which have a habit of gaining flavor are usually made from low-quality soapstone or absorbent materials like limestone. On the other hand, the more effective whisky stones are usually created from more suitable substances, like stainless steel.

In general, the steel types of whisky stones tend to outperform their soapstone variants when it comes to resisting flavors. Doing the proper research beforehand can save you a ton of trouble later on and help you save a long asked question - how to remove flavor from whiskey stones.