Are Whiskey Stones Dishwasher Safe?

Are Whiskey Stones Dishwasher Safe?

Whiskey stones have been around for a very long time. Some say the idea was originally pioneered in the old American west, where people loved their whiskey and the natural heat of the area always seemed to take the product over the optimum serving temperature. Granted that nothing in the wild west was every really optimum, this fairly ingenious idea was meant to bring the drink down a few degrees while not watering it down.

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If you’re a true whiskey connoisseur, or simply an enthusiastic amateur, you know that watered down whiskey is just a waste. Keeping the taste pure is just as important keeping your whiskey stones clean, but are whiskey stones dishwasher safe?

What Type of Whiskey Stone Are You Using?

There are three main types of whiskey stones: Granite, soapstone and stainless steel. We’ll talk a little about each type and whether or not it’s okay to throw them in the dishwasher.

It should be noted that the whole point of using a product like this is to maintain the purity and taste of your drink. So it follows that anything that will alter the taste of your drink is something you’ll want to stay away from.

Granite Stones

Granite is a smooth natural stone used for a variety of things. Counter tops and floors are the most common uses, but in every case, it’s usually recommended that a sealant of some manner is used to keep liquids from seeping into, and therefore invariably staining the material.

Granite whiskey stones are no different but for this particular use, the issue is compounded by the fact that you’re submerging it in liquid and then putting it back in the freezer. Putting a granite whiskey stone in a dishwasher is safe in the sense that it will not harm or destroy the product or your other dishes, but the soaps and chemicals will sink into the pores and change the flavor of anything you put them into after that.


Soapstone is perhaps the oldest form of whiskey stone due to the fact that it is generally less porous than many other types of rock. That being said, they will still eventually take on an unpleasant flavor from both the dishwasher and being put in the freezer. If you’ve ever eaten something that spent a great deal of time in the freezer you know there is a distinct taste that can come with it and it’s not exactly pleasant.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the top choice for the modern whiskey stone user and is perhaps the only option that can make it through a dishwasher with little adverse effect on the product or to your drink. However, no matter what type of stone you’re using you’ll still have to clean again after it comes out of the dishwasher.

For granite or soapstone, you’ll want to soak them in water mixed with some vodka for a few hours to clean out the stuck in flavors, and stainless steel will have to be soaked and polished before being stored back in the freezer as well or you’ll be putting dishwasher residue into your beloved whiskey.

Keep in mind that the whole point of a whiskey stone is to keep your drink clean and undiluted, so while a dishwasher may be a safe option, it is certainly not the recommended one.