You Won't Believe How Versatile These 10 Best Tactical Softshell Jackets Are

You Won't Believe How Versatile These 10 Best Tactical Softshell Jackets Are

Update: The Rothco Special Ops is currently the top rated tactical soft shell jacket. You can check it out here.

Whether you’re going on an intense training exercise or an outdoor trip where the weather conditions are very dry, wet or cold, you need the best tactical softshell jacket to help you make it through it.

Tactical jackets are made from tough military-grade materials. They are some of the toughest pieces of clothing you will ever find.

These durable, dependable and highly functional jackets will help you survive the harshest situations and adverse weather conditions.

The following jackets are designed with comfort and tactical functionality in mind. They are light-weight and waterproof or water-resistant while allowing you to move with ease as you perform intense activities. They also come with a host of extra features that allow you to keep your gear, weapons, equipment, and items safe and within reach.

If you are in the market and wondering what the best tactical softshell jacket is for you, then keep on reading.

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Tactical Chameleon Softshell Jacket


The 5.11 has become a favorite of those who are involved in law enforcement, security, or detectives work.

It’s a waterproof jacket and windproof making it ideal for anyone whose job requires them to patrol or be out in the field, even in wet and humid conditions.

The interior fleece makes it extremely comfortable and enhances internal airflow. The interior mesh liner absorbs moisture to keep you dry in situations where you would normally sweat.

See the 5.11 in action below:

The jacket also has three hand panels, made from Velcro, that allow you to carry an assortment of items, such IDs, and keep them safely tucked away and easily reachable when you need them. The jacket does not look overtly tactical, meaning anyone will be able to blend in during undercover assignments and is stylish enough for civilian wear as well. It has all the features ones need in the best tactical softshell jacket.

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FREE SOLDIER Men’s Outdoor Soft Shell Hooded Tactical Jacket

Another excellent choice that makes for the best tactical softshell jacket for your outdoor sporting activities. It is made from polyester and spandex on the outside, making it very durable and great at protecting you against water and wind. There is enough room underneath to wear fleece and any other additional clothing items to keep yourself warm and comfortable in the cold.

The jacket comes in a wide range of camouflage and plain colors.

For additional concealment from the elements, it has a hood that can be rolled down and attached to Velcro so that it offers less of a distraction during your outdoor activities. The jacket also has plenty of zippered spots pockets that enable you to carry protein bars, energy drinks, phone, iPod, or a stop watch, keeping them secured and reachable.

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Condor Men’s Phantom Soft Shell Jacket

Condor Men's phantom soft shell jacket

The Phantom is a sleek tactical jacket that is best suited for anyone who is going somewhere with dry conditions or mild winters. It will keep you completely dry in the rain, since the pores in the material are smaller than rain drops. The internal fleece has amazing heat and moisture trapping capabilities that keep you warm in cold weather and fresh in hot, dry weather.

Check out a video review of the jacket below:

If you are a man of trade, then this is the best tactical softshell jacket for you, since it has conveniently located pockets that allow you carry your tools and reach for them with ease. There is a chest pocket and two sleeve pockets that allow you safely store small items, like phones, iPods, ammo, wallets, IDs and snacks. It also has an under arm zippers that increase ventilation in the arms for maximum comfort.

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TRU-SPEC Men’s 24-7 Tactical Softshell Jacket


The 24-7 was designed with maneuverability in mind. It has some useful side arm pockets that allow you to reach for your weapon very easily, saving you the trouble of having to reach underneath it, while keeping the weapon perfectly concealed. It has pockets in the back and front, allowing you to store items without having to put a bulk of them in one side and weighing yourself down. The tough nylon and polyester exterior make it tough but light weight and will provide you with enough protecting against casual cold and rainy weather.

This makes the jacket suitable for plenty of outdoor sporting and training activities. Although it offers a slim fit for most people, there is enough room in there to fit a ballistic vest without having it weigh you down as you move. There jacket is available in black for civilian and public safety officers but can also come in a nice camouflage for those in the army.

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Best Waterproof Softshell Jacket - Rothco Special Ops Soft Shell Jacket


This is the best tactical waterproof softshell jacket with a hood for anyone who is out in the field and needs protection from the elements while carrying their everyday gear safely and securely. Its exterior is 100% polyester and is great at deflecting wind. The interior and collar is lined with fleece, giving it excellent moisture wicking capabilities and thermal performance in the cold. It also has a detachable hood that keeps you concealed and warm.

The jacket is not baggy and has many pockets that ensure you will be able to carry everything you need. Since this is a tactical jacket, the pockets are placed strategically and offer unencumbered access to your fire arm or knife. It is also has Velcro on the soldiers which can be used to place some Velcro patches and carry extra gear. Plus, it is a very pocket friendly option.

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Lesmart Men’s Tactical Jacket Softshell Windproof Lightweight Winter Outdoors

Lesmart Mens Tactical softshell

This jacket is perfect for people who loves outdoor activities like hunting, camping, running, hiking, fishing, and climbing. The outer shell is made from polyester and spandex and internally lined with fleece, making it an excellent weatherproof tactical jacket that does not restrict movement and offers maximum internal airflow, on top of durability. It is also very fashionable and designed to provide you with a fit and slimmer appearance.

The jacket’s wrist cuffs can easily be adjusted, and it has an elastic drawstring that can be pulled to secure it in place using a stopper; this prevents heat loss. It also has a very useful safety feature in the form of a 3M Scotchlite light reflective stripe in the upper body that reflects light when it gets dark and signals others of your presence in case your adventure takes you into the night.

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Highlander Odin Soft Shell Jacket Tan

Highlander Odin

This innovative tactical waterproof softshell jacket has an outer shell made from AB-TEX and lined with polyester/elestane fleece. This enables it to be completely waterproof and able to absorb moisture and expel it out by evaporating it, keeping you dry in both instances, on top of being breathable and durable. The jacket is warm but has enough room for additional layering in case you run into those very harsh winters.

The under arms have zipped ventilation pockets with mesh that prevents the pockets from opening too wide but keep them wide enough to bring enough ventilation. The sleeves are long but can pulled up and fastened using the sturdy rubberized Velcro cuffs. It is the best tactical softshell jacket for any man who loves the great outdoors.

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BLACKHAWK! Men’s Tactical Waterproof Soft Shell Jacket

best soft shell jacket

This tactical jacket with hood is designed for those who are out on a mission and need something that offers a tactical advantage in terms of protection and accessibility of weapons, without sacrificing movement and internal airflow. Although the outer shell is sturdy enough to guard against the elements, it also has an additional Teflon+ protective layer that makes it resistant to stains, oil and water. The storm cuffs will fit snugly around your wrist for better protection from the cold and the ventilation zippers on the sleeves provide excellent arm ventilation when warm.

It has two zippered side arm pockets that allow for easy reach and concealment of weapons. The jackets has up to nine pockets, including two deep inner sleeve pockets, giving you plenty of places to stash your various tools. On top of the other benefits, it is also covert and stylish, making it suitable for someone who is undercover and needs to blend in by looking like a civilian.

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Gear Military Special Ops Soft Shell Tactical Waterproof Jacket

Gear Military Special Ops

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This tactical jacket has arms that have been reinforced with Nylon, increasing the longevity of the jacket, since the arms is where the most damage occurs when taking part in intense tactical and outdoor activities. The internal fleece enhances the thermal efficiency and comfort of the jacket. It also provides complete concealment from the rain with its drawstring hood and waistband and adjustable wrist cuffs. Its high-grade materials also make it resistant to weather, piling, wrinkling and shrinking.

The hood can be rolled out of the collar to cover yourself completely and easily rolled back in to prevent it from blowing about when it is windy. It has two chest pockets and four sleeve pockets, providing plenty of room for gear and items. This makes it the best choice when you are looking for the best tactical softshell jacket.

Eglemall Outdoor Hunting Soft Shell Waterproof Tactical Fleece Lined Jacket

Eglemall-mens-tactical-softshell jacket

Are you planning a hunting trip and would like something that is comfortable and flexible enough to help you move while also being durable enough to hold its own in a rough environment? If your answer is yes, then this tactical jacket is perfect for you. A solid tactical jacket with a hood. Not only is it suitable for hunting, but in can also come in handle for a number of other outdoor scenarios like hiking, camping, shooting, army and tactical combat, making it one of the best tactical jackets.

It has beautiful camouflage that should keep you concealed in the wilderness and is made of tough Shark Skin softshell fabric. The jacket is waterproof and comes with a nice hood that is perfect for hiding and covering yourself when it begins. The jacket comes with extra pockets on the inside and outside, and for a hunter, this is very useful gear-wise.

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Propper B.A Softshell Jacket

Propper BA Softshell

The Propper tactical softshell offers high manoeuvrability with its flexible double stitched fabric. It’s a jacket that is very similar in style to the wildly popular condor summit softshell.

One great benefit of this jacket over the others is the fact that it has a magnetic closure pocket on the front of the chest. This is suitable for those who require a pull-out badge or ID panel for quick and easy access.

The material on the jacket is thick but it isn’t insulated so it’s more suited to a cooler weather outer shell clothing layering. A perfect softshell for three seasons as it provides versatile layering opportunities.