Best Travel Humidor: 9 Sleek Designs For That Man On The Road

Best Travel Humidor: 9 Sleek Designs For That Man On The Road

June 2019 Update: The highly rated Mrs. Brog travel humidor is currently on sale. The discount may end at any time - click here to check out the bargain.

Keeping cigars fresh and full of flavor is very important for all types of smokers so it is necessary to preserve yours with as much care as possible by using the best travel humidor while travelling. Cigar humidors have normally been made to keep the quality and prestige that comes with every puff of your stogies.

However, choosing a good cigar humidor can be a quite tricky as there are so many types of them that come in different shapes and sizes meant for various situations. Below are some of the top 9 best travel humidors available on today’s market suitable for when you are moving around or enjoying a quiet smoke on the road.

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The Best Travel Humidor: Cigar Caddy 10 Cigar Water Proof Travel Humidor.

Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor

Capacity: 10 Cigars

The Cigar Caddy Water Proof Travel Humidor is typically considered as the Rolls Royce of cigar cases. The case is made from almost bulletproof plastic and features two removable locking clasps with stainless steel latch hinges.

Watch the Cigar Caddy Humidor In Action Below:

It’s completely airtight, waterproof and capable of withstanding anything that is thrown at it. The humidor itself is capable of holding up to 10 Churchill sized cigars comfortably and features a foam divider that can hold your lighter and cutter without ruining your cigars.

Price: Under $25

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Runner Up Best Cigar Travel Case - Amancy

Amancy Travel Case For Cigars

Capcity: 5 Cigars

The Amancy is an all class affair. It features a 100% leather exterior with cedar wood inner lining. The kit comes with a built in hygrometer and humidifier. It features all the practicality of a travel cigar case and where it lacks in the more extreme features like waterproofing and shockproof, it more than compensates with its smart and elegant design. If you’re the occasionally smoker and traveller then you can’t go past this cigar travel case. It can take up to 3 or 4 days for the case to reach 70% humidity, so it’s not ideal for trips on short notice.

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Sigara Travel Case Cigar Humidor.

best travel humidor

Capacity: 15 Cigars

Sigara Travel Case Cigar Humidor is a great travel humidor that has been well crafted and comes at a very affordable price. It’s made from a material known as polypropylene that gives it a good and strong feeling while also ensuring that the humidor serves you for many years to come.

Its outward design features a gray metallic finish which gives it a classic and cool look and inside it, the foam has been cut into perfect rectangular shapes to accommodate all types of cigars.

If you’re looking for a travel humidor that is made of great quality and still remains friendly to your pocket, then the Sigara Travel Case Cigar Humidor is definitely the right choice.

Price: Less Than $20

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Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case 10 Count.

Xikar Cigar Case

The Xikar Cigar Travel Carrying Case is a must have travel humidor if you want to bring your cigars with you on the road. It is made of super strong ABS molded plastic construction and comes with stainless steel latch hinges.

Inside, the case consists of a closed cell foam made to ensure that it is completely waterproof, airtight, and tamperproof and also features innovative egg crate style foam that is made of high-density urethane capable of giving the case better functionality while still protecting your cigars and making sure they don’t move unnecessarily. Xikar are known for their quality products and this portable cigar humidor does not disappoint.

Price: Under $25

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Mrs. Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor.

Capacity: 10 Cigars

Mrs. Brog Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor is a hard shell humidor that originates from China and is capable of carrying up to 10 cigars. It has a similar design to pelican and cigar caddy cases with additional interesting details. The case is made of crushproof reinforced ABS frame that has been lined with foam cushioning to make sure that your cigars remain completely safe and sound when you are traveling.

The latches are very secure and durable and the lead features a rubber gasket seal. The added humidification devices will ensure that your cigars remain completely fresh and it also consists of an inbuilt hygrometer.

Price: Under $40

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Xigar X-Treme Protection Rugged Cigar Travel Case 5ct.

Xikar Extreme Cigar Travel Case

Capacity: 5 Cigars

If you are looking for a compact and travel-friendly cigar case, then the Xigar X-Treme Protection Rugged Cigar Travel Case is just for you. The case itself is made of super-strong ABS molded plastic and it is completely airtight, waterproof and crushproof.

The 5 cigar model of this case comes with heavy-duty latches and hinges and an added molded lock ring for extra security. The latches fit nicely and securely creating an excellent seal on the humidor. Inside the case can hold up to 5 Churchill cigars and features high-density urethane foam capable of protecting your cigars and keeping them from moving around in the case when you are traveling.

Price: Under $25

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Feel Like Something A Little More Expensive? Check Out The Luxury Portable Cigar Humidor Case By Scotte

Luxury Cigar Travel Case Humidor

Capacity: 4 Cigars

The Scotte Premium Cigar Humidor Case is a popular choice among many people as a travel humidor gift set and widely recommended. This premium portable cigar travel case is made of 100% cedar solid wood lined with precision manufacturing and its outer surface consists of leather material.

Inside it is made of a long strip type humidor capable of carrying 4 cigars and a lighter or cutter. The case is small and convenient measuring about 195 x 120 x 58 mm in size making it suitable to carry anywhere. The entire package comes with one cigar case and a black gift box. For short trips it’s a very suitable item and in terms of luxury and taste, it would be one of the best portable cigar humidors for the money.

Price: Under $80

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Fess F15 Travel Humidor with Waterproof Holder Case

Capacity: 10 - 15 Cigars

The Fess F15 Travel Humidor is a travel humidor that has been designed to fit perfectly into a briefcase, tackle box, glove compartment or golf case. It is an excellent airtight, watertight, and crushproof humidor case capable of holding up to 15 cigars.

The case itself is made of super-strong ABS molded plastic and features a silicone seal that is watertight and airtight ensuring that your cigars remain completely protected. The inside of the case has been lined with foam that stores your cigars comfortably and the humidor will ensure that your cigars always stay fresh and moist.

Price: Under $25

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Guardsman Travel Black Cigar Humidor.

Guardsman Travel Cigar Case

Capacity: 15 Cigars

The Guardsman Travel Black Cigar Humidor is a travel humidor case that is quite inexpensive and capable of holding up to 15 cigar sticks. It made of super-strong ABS plastic and features an impermeable airtight and watertight silicone seal that gives your cigars all the protection needed.

The case also comes with a humidifier disc, stainless steel hinges, and latch hinges with a working clamp.

Price: Under $40

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Viso Carlos 7 Cigar Travel Humidor.

Cylinder Case Travel Cigar Humidor

Capacity: 7 Cigars

The Visol Carlos 7 Cigar Travel Humidor is a humidor case made using sturdy metal and capable of holding up to 7 cigars depending on the size. It has been integrated with a humidifier for additional cigar preservation and an airtight enclosure so as to help it maintain humidity.

In order to humidify the case, one will need to; open the lid and unscrew the lower part of the lid, soak the sponge in a mixture of 50% distilled water and 50% propylene glycol, and return the sponge marker while making sure the sponge does not drip any of the liquid content inside the humidor.

Price: Under $50

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When you place your next online order on a travel cigar humidor, be sure to choose any from the above list. These 9 top quality selections of the best travel humidors will ensure that your favorite premium cigars are always in perfect smoking condition whenever or wherever you go.

While most of them are similar in the design materials used, they tend to differ in their shapes and sizes as some are mainly intended to fit into specific storage areas such as a glove case or a glove compartment.

Still Not Sure Where To Start?

Be sure to choose one that looks and feels suitable for your travel requirements to ensure that you never have to deal with soggy towels or messy Ziploc bags ever again.

When buying think about:

  • Time on the road (ideal number of cigars)
  • Budget
  • Does it need to be waterproof?
  • Does it need to be airtight?
  • Does it need to be crush proof?
  • Size

Good luck on your hunt for the best travel humidor!

For more on the pros and cons of humidifiers take a look at the video below:

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