Best Cigar Humidor Under $100: 7 Stylish Designs For Every Smoker

Best Cigar Humidor Under $100: 7 Stylish Designs For Every Smoker

Last Updated: June 2019

Are you a cigar aficionado who enjoys occasionally indulging in smoking your favorite cigars?

Do you find that the way you store your cigars affects their consistency and freshness?

Would you like to store your stogies in a manner that ensures their quality stays consistent?

Then you need to consider getting the best cigar humidor under $100.

In case you are wondering what a cigar humidor is, read on. A humidor is a term used to describe a room or box with its humidity level maintained at a constant. Generally, humidors are used to store cigars, pipe tobacco or cigarettes. From this definition, you can see that a cigar humidor is a box with constant humidity that you can use to store your cigars to maintain their freshness, consistency, and taste.

From experience, you may have noticed that dry cigars tend to burn quickly and smoke in an uneven fashion. This affects your cigar’s taste and flavor, not to mention the fact that your dry cigar can unravel. When your cigars are moist, you will find it an exercise in futility lighting it up. The fact that you will constantly need to relight your moist cigar is quite frustrating. The best cigar humidor under $100 will be able to preserve your cigar at an optimal humidity and ensure the taste and flavor remain consistent.

The following are six of the best cigar humidors that will cost you not more than US $100.

Check them out.



Wood Cigar Humidor

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Depending on the size of your cigars, this humidor can accommodate 180 of them. It comes with a hygrometer mounted in front with a frame made of brass. In order to show off your collection, it has a top display made of acrylic with patterns that are inlaid. It has an integral tray with dividers and a lock and key mechanism with a tassel.

In case you are looking for a luxurious handmade humidor, then the 180 CT humidor is your best choice. Once you close its lid, the cedar aroma will infuse into your cigars, giving them a wonderful flavor.

Wooden Cigar Humidor


  • Hold Up To 180 Cigars
  • Tray With Divider
  • Brass Finish Frame

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100 cigar humidor

The Berkeley II humidor is the best cigar humidor under $100 if you love a retro look. It has a vintage two-toned dark and black mahogany finish that you will find appealing. To ensure your cigars are always at the right humidity, the Berkeley II humidor has a silver analogue hygrometer mounted in front.

The Berkeley humidor can accommodate 100 of your cigars and it comes with a rectangular humidifier with a Spanish cedar lining. To complement its look, you will find its silver piano lock and key, and quadrant hinges quite appealing.

features of berkely II humidor


  • Two Tone Dark Mahogany Finish
  • 100 Cigar Capacity

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Looking For Something As A Gift? Try The Personalized Cigar Humidor

Personalized Cigar Humidor

If you’re looking for the best cigar humidor as a gift for someone then you might consider checking out a personalized cigar humidor. At A Gift Personalized they offer plenty of options on types of personalization of cigar humidors. They provide a range of styles from the above example which features a clean and executive style humidor with a mahogany wood frame to more vintage aesthetics that look like the old tin container full of cookies your mom had back in the day.

Personalized Cigar Humidor Engraved

The set comes with a humidifier, tempered glass bevelled top and a sure seal lid techonology so the

quality of those cigars will never be put into question. There’s also a divider in the humidor for greater versatility. Their site features almost flawless

Their site features almost flawless 5 star reviews so if quality is a concern this is a great starting point to research further.



Visol Products Cigar Humidor

If you are a cigar enthusiast, you need to consider the Visol Products cigar humidor. It has an airtight interior lined with rich cedar wood to keep your cigars fresh. To ensure your cigars stay fresh, it comes with a hygrometer and humidifier. If you want to preserve your cigars for a long time, go for the Visol cigar humidor.

Depending on the ring gauge of your stogies, it can accommodate about 25 of them. You will certainly find its matte finished walnut exterior quite impressive. You will absolutely love the fact that this humidor comes with a premium cigar cutter and an ashtray that matches its overall design. If you want a stylish and fashionable humidor, then the Visol is certainly the best cigar humidor under $100.

Matte Walnut Cigar Humidor Box


  • Fits up to 25 Cigars
  • Walnut Exterior, Rich Cedar Interior
  • Perfect For Longterm Storage
  • Included is Ashtray and Cigar Cutter



Solana Desktop Humidor

One of the best-looking desktop humidors you’ll find, but there’s a catch. It sneaks just above our $100 price limit. It’s worth every cent though. With a high-gloss rosewood and maple-burled wood inlay, it is an elegant display of professional craftsmanship.


  • Fits up to 100 cigars
  • Lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
  • Felt-lined bottom drawer
  • Front mounted glass hygrometer



Novelist Leather Book Cigar Humidor Travel Case

Do you have expensive Cuban cigars that you would not want any of your visitors or friends to touch? The Novelist Leather Book cigar humidor is your perfect choice. It is the perfect choice in case you want to hide your prized stogies in your bookshelf or travel with them.

You will absolutely love its brown leather finish. To prevent your cigars from bouncing around when you travel and keep the humidor’s lid firmly closed, it has convenient recessed magnets. The Novelist humidor can accommodate 5 to 10 of your cigars. The package comes with a humidifier, guillotine cutter and a silver hygrometer set. In case you want to get your cigar smoking friend a great gift or just want a conversational piece, the Novelist humidor is your best bet.


  • Holds Between 5 - 10 Cigars
  • Magnetic Lid Closure
  • Guillotine Cutter Included
  • Perfect For Hiding In The Bookshelf
  • Soft Brown Leather Exterior

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Monte Carlo cigar humidor case

You will love the Monte Carlo Wood Humidor’s great visual appeal. It has a Spanish cedar lining with beautiful golden handles. The Monte Carlo has a gold lock and key with interlocking hinges you will find practical. It has a wonderful cherry finish that will certainly appeal to you. This humidor will accommodate 120 of your favorite stogies, depending on their size.

It has a large cedar tray that you can remove on its upper half. You will be able to separate your cigars inside the humid using two Spanish cedar dividers you can adjust on its lower half.


  • Holds Up To 50 Cigars
  • Hidden Internal Locking Hinges
  • Maple Veneer With French Antique Distressed Walnut Finish

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If you settle on getting the Othello humidor, you will get a rectangular humidifier and a glass hygrometer that has a brass frame in the package. It can store 100 of your favorite cigars and incorporates sure seal technology to ensure that when you close your humidor, the lid seals properly.

The Othello humidor has hidden quadrant hinges, along with a lock and key that are gold plated. At the bottom of its Spanish cedar tray, you will find two dividers lined with Spanish cedar that is premium kiln dried.


  • Holds Up To 100 Cigars
  • Exotic Wood Inlay
  • Lined With Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar
  • High Gloss Lacquer Finish

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Update: The Othello is currently unavailable.

In Summary..

Following the review, you should be able to pick the best cigar humidor under $100. Your choice will depend on the practicality, convenience or visual appeal of the particular cigar humidor you want. You know what the best part is? Once you get yourself one of these cigar humidors, your stogies will stay fresh and consistent.

So go on ahead and grab your wallets and credit cards. Get yourself or someone you know one of these great, high-quality cigar humidors. Ensure that your cigars quality and freshness remains consistent by storing them the right way.

For some tips on cigar humidor maintenance, check out the following video.

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