Discover The Best Way To Store Nespresso Pods

Discover The Best Way To Store Nespresso Pods

Update: The hexagon capsule holder is currently on sale which may end at any time - click here to check out the deal.

Finding the best Nespresso pod holder for your needs is easy. You already know what type of pods you need to keep organized (vertuoline or original, this is important since the size will matter), from there figure out what kind of space saving requirements you need.

If space is a concern, the drawer type storage units are best as the Nespresso machine can sit atop these and they hold plenty of pods (around 60), otherwise racks, stacked trays and cubes are all at your disposal.

Then you just need to figure out how much coffee you like to drink to find the right storage.

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Hexagon Plexiglass Capsule Holder

Coffee Capsule Storage Bowl

Update: The hexagon plexiglass capsule holder is currently on sale.

It’s the first thing in the morning. Do you really want to be sliding, opening drawers, or pulling open containers to get to your instant mood lifting wakeful nectar?

No, I didn’t think so.

The hexagon plexiglass coffee pod holder offers just enough design to keep it looking interesting while offering the simplest of all storage solutions. Just dump your pods, doesn’t matter whether they are virtuoline, nespresso or whatever else in and you’re good to go!

Prepara Pod Rack

Perhaps you’re more of a refined, organised individual and the thought of a tall tower housing all your capsules in a clean organised manner appeals to you. Then the Prepara capsule carousel is the design for you.

It holds 50 nespresso capsules with ease and has a smooth gliding base so you can reach your desired coffee pod. It’s a very popular style with fantastic reviews to match.

Abacus Nespresso Pod Rack

Abacus Nespresso Pod Rack

The Abacus Nespresso pod rack is a simple design that exudes minimalism. It can hold either 30 to 36 pods depending on your design preference when ordering.

The most novel feature of the capsule racks is the versatility with which they can be placed. Whether it’s hung vertically inside your cabinets or pantry door or tucked away under dining cupboards, it’s a product that will be easy to find a home for.

Vertical Nespresso Pod Storage


  • Constructed from an aluminium composite
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Comes with adhesive mounting strips for easy installation
  • Holds up to 36 pods

Price:  $32

Purchase Here

Functional: CafeStack Nespresso Capsule Organizer

Youcopia Nespress Capsule Storage

UPDATE: The CafeStack is currently on sale which can end at any time. Get a discounted version of the item here.

Last but not least, the CafeStack capsule holder is another best seller and favorite among coffee enthusiasts with 4.7/5 star rating. With it’s shelve storage compartments it will help you organize Nespresso pods in no time. It has enough space to store 60 capsules and the draws feature the unique ability to drop down which helps with selecting pods  if the CafeStack is kept in higher cupboards.  This fits the original line of Nespresso pods (Pixie, Inissia, Citiz, Lattissima, and KitchenAid) not the Vertuoline style.

nespresso storage for capsules


  • Stores 60 capsules
  • Draws pull out and extend down
  • Compact enough to fit standard kitchen cabinets

Price: Under $30

Purchase Here

Best Nespresso Pod Holder: Legonart Coffee Cube Made From Ebony Wood Wooden Nespresso Capsule Holder

The Italian designed Legonart coffee cube takes the cake as the most stylish design and that’s we’ve given it the best Nespresso pod holder. Complete with ebony wood exterior and black melamine interior with two ceramic dishes for sugar and spoons. You will have to be patient with this one though, it shipping times vary and can be up to 3 - 5 months. It’s best to check to find out.

best nespresso pod holder


  • 4 turning shelves (3 for pod storage)
  • Italian design
  • Ebony wood exterior

Price: Under $120

Purchase Here

UPDATE: Currently unavailable

Cheapest: Nespresso Pod Storage Drawer

Nespresso Capsule Drawer dispenser

While it’s the cheapest Nespresso pod storage drawer, it’s not to be overlooked as the tray design means it’s incredibly practical and space efficient. You slide your Nespresso machine on top and you’ve suddenly got capsule storage without any extra space being taken up on your precious kitchen bench. It’s also one of the best sellers with a 4.5/5 star review so you  know it’s a sure thing.

Nespresso Pod Storage Drawer


  • Storage capacity of 50
  • Durable design: interior pillar supports weight of coffee machine
  • Anti-slip pad on bottom protects kitchen bench tops

Price: Under $20

Purchase Here

Coolest: Donkey Kong Inspired Wall Mounted Pod Storage

Donkey Kong Insipred Nespresso Capsule Storage

One for the old school gamers! The Donkey Kong inspired Nespresso capsule holder makes use of a rolling zig-zag pattern that is reminiscent of the Kong tossing the barrels all over the shop. The designers over at Hologramer have figured out the perfect angles, slopes and texture so you can watch gravity pull the pods down gracefully to the base. It’s made by two Brisbane, Australia, based designers who teamed up to form a pure Nespresso pod design company.

Donkey Kong Nespresso Capsule Holder


  • Crafted from premium anodised aluminium
  • Hold up to 50 capsules
  • Wall mounts included
  • Delivery 2-4 weeks

Price: $295

Purchase Here

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Transparent Waterfall Design Capsule Holder

how do you store your nespresso capsules

While it’s a simple design the cool feature about the transparent waterfall pod holder is that you can display your photos or artwork behind the pods.

nespresso vertuoline capsule holder


  • Laser cut edge plexi glass
  • Transparent design allows for photographs or artwork to be placed behind
  • Storage not listed

Price: Under $80

Purchase Here

Check out the Cafe Stack in action:

Whether buying for yourself or as gifts for coffee addicts, the best Nespresso pod holder is a vital piece of equipment for your kitchen.

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